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Table skirts are attached to the outside edge of a table with a velcro clip. Skirts do not cover the top of your table so another piece of fabric or vinyl is recommended. Why use table skirts, you ask? Well, table skirts are generally advisable if your table cover looks nice but feels like something is missing.

Table skirts are used to level up your table entirely for a more elegant presence specifically when used during trade show events, catering services, different parties, and wedding receptions.

Too busy to even think or come up with a design? We got you! You can order blank table skirts from us. You can even opt for your desired color to fit your overall theme for either indoor or outdoor use.

Had your cover dirty? Consider having it cleaned the least of your problems — our table skirts support both machine and handwashing. Note, though, that it is recommended to use cold or low temperature cleaning instead of high-temperature cleaning. Afterward, just lay or hang it and leave it to dry.

  • A table throw is otherwise known as your basic, loose-hanging traditional table cover.
  • A fitted contour table cover is a one-piece slipcover with corner pleats made to fit your table’s exact size for a more polished look.
  • Stretch spandex table covers are almost always seamless and wrinkle-free making them perfect for any event you can think of!
  • Table skirts are attached to the outside edge of a table with a velcro clip. Skirts do not cover the top of your table so another piece of fabric or vinyl is recommended.
  • Upon placing your order, you will have to choose your guaranteed delivery date along with the shipping fees you will have to pay. You will then receive the tracking number once your order has been shipped out.
  • Yes. Although we are experts in making custom table covers, we also sell blank table covers with the same styles and sizes as the custom covers.
  • There are just four simple steps you need to know to order a blank table cover successfully. Select a table cover style, table size, color, and your preferred delivery date.
  • Yes, you can choose any color but prices will vary depending on your chosen color. We have 15 stock color materials for polyester and 2 stock colors for stretch spandex (black and white) that are dyed in advance — making them less expensive than custom ones.
  • Not all of our table covers have zippers though you may opt for a closed-back table cover that comes with a zipper.
  • We use polyester or stretch spandex material for our table covers. Polyester is ideal for table throws, fitted covers, table skirts, open corner covers, and table runners. Spandex material is ideal for stretch spandex covers and crossover covers.
  • Polyester and stretch spandex are wrinkle-resistant fabrics but are not entirely wrinkle-free. You can iron them, if necessary, on low heat or use steam to eliminate wrinkles. Pro Tip: Make sure to roll up your table cover when storing it to avoid wrinkles as much as possible.
  • You can either DIY or send your table cover to be professionally laundered. Our table covers may be washed in a standard washing machine in cold water with regular detergent. If you desire to use bleach, make sure to use non-chlorine bleach.
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