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Custom Personalized Photo Tablecloths

Customize In 5 Easy Steps

A personalized photo tablecloth is a great way to transform a table into a deluxe showpiece for your photographs. Whether a cherished
personal photo or something corporate, you can add your custom images to produce high-quality tablecloths for any occasion.

Size / Qty 1 2 3 6 9 12 24 48 72 96 120 144
3 Feet $38.00
4 Feet $116.00 $114.00 $107.00 $106.00 $104.00 $98.00 $96.00 $94.00 $92.00 $90.00 $89.00 $86.00
6 Feet $121.00 $119.00 $112.00 $111.00 $109.00 $103.00 $101.00 $99.00 $97.00 $95.00 $94.00 $87.00
8 Feet $126.00 $124.00 $117.00 $116.00 $114.00 $108.00 $106.00 $104.00 $102.00 $100.00 $99.00 $91.00

Step 1 Select Cover Style

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Please select a cover style option.
Table Throw
Table Throw - Table Covers Now
Fitted - Table Covers Now
Most Popular
Stretch Spandex
Stretch Spandex - Table Covers Now
Best Looking
Open Corner
Open Corner - Table Covers Now
Crossover - Table Covers Now
New Arrival
Skirt - Table Covers Now
Runner - Table Covers Now

Step 2 Select Table Size & Quantity

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Please enter in quantity for the size you want.
* If your table size is not the same as what we have, please leave a message in the instruction box on step 6 about the exact dimensions of your table; otherwise, the table cover may not fit. Please note that an additional charge may occur if the size exceeds what we have on the site or if the requests or styles differ.
4 Feet
Table Dims: 4'L x 24"W x 30"H
4 Feet - Table Covers Now
6 Feet
Table Dims: 6'L x 29"W x 30"H
6 Feet - Table Covers Now
Most Popular
8 Feet
Table Dims: 8'L x 29"W x 30"H
8 Feet - Table Covers Now

Step 3 Customize Your Table Cover

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Artwork Type

Note: This is just a sample preview. Art Team will review your order and send a final design for review before production starts. If any special requirements then you can mention in comment section.

Before we start your order, we will send a free visual image of your customized table cover.

At least 1 artwork file required with selection with Upload My ArtWork.
Preferred File Type for Better Quality Product: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF

Please Select a table cover color.
Your message is saved successfully.
Instructions text required with selection Help with ArtWork.

Step 4 Select Carrying Bag (Recommended)

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Carrying Bag
Size/ dimensions of the bag? 40cm length x 30cm width x 8cm height.
How many table covers will fit in? 1 pc table cover
Color: Black
Material: Non-Woven
Cost: $15.00 per pc
Note: Custom logo printing is currently unavailable for our carrying bags. The carrying bag comes with our standard company logo.

Step 5 Select Banner (Optional)

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Step 6 Choose Your Guaranteed Delivery Date:

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Personalized Photo Tablecloth Description

Elevate the aesthetic of any table with a personalized photo tablecloth. These unique, custom table covers enable you to showcase things like family portraits, fond memories, corporate images or artistic designs right on the fabric. It is an ideal choice for everything from weddings and parties to formal events or even just family gatherings. Add a personal touch with custom personalized photo tablecloths to create a lasting impression with guests. We craft your tablecloths with high-quality methods onto premium fabrics, ensuring they are highly durable and easy to clean. They are a practical and stylish table decor feature, helping create a unique ambiance showcasing impactful photographs for your needs.

Size: 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft
Fabric: Polyester or Stretch Spandex Material
  • Polyester: 100% polyester with 200 GSM
    • Ideal for Table Throw, Fitted, Skirt, Open Corner, and Runner
  • Stretch Spandex Material: 80% polyester and 20% spandex with 220 GSM
    • Ideal for Stretch Spandex and Crossover
Color and Design: Customizable
custom photo tablecloth Dimensions
4' L x 24" W x 30" H
6' L x 29" W x 30" H
8' L x 29" W x 30" H

***Standard height across all shapes is 30"
***We can customize sizes, just include your table dimensions in the instructions box.

Preferred file format for custom designs: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, and SVG
Printing: Each custom table cloth with logo is printed by a dye sublimation printing process that results in crisp and vibrant imagery with no color limitation. The best part about it? There’s no minimum order required!

Table Throw - A table throw is otherwise known as your basic, loose-hanging traditional custom photo tablecloth with logo.
Fitted - A fitted contour photo tablecloth is a one-piece slipcover with corner pleats made to fit your table’s exact size for a more polished look.
Stretch Spandex - Stretch spandex printed photo tablecloth are ideal for any event you can think of — seamless and wrinkle-free!
Open Corner - An open corner cover is intended to make your table look professional and be easily accessible during events and trade shows in mere minutes!
Crossover - Crossover custom photo tablecloth have reversible sides and interchangeable designs as the stretchy material can be pulled down to cover the table legs.
Skirts - Table skirts are attached to the outside edge of a table with a velcro clip. Skirts do not cover the top of your table so another piece of fabric or vinyl is recommended.
Runner - A table runner is more narrow than a full table throw and is most commonly used in the center on top of a full throw.

Personalized Photo Tablecloth FAQs

Absolutely! We are able to create accurate representations of any kind of image, including family pictures, vacation memories, artwork, corporate images and anything else. However, please be aware that there are restrictions around copyrighted photographs and anything containing explicit material.

Our personalized photograph tablecloths are printed using high-quality dye sublimation technology to create high-resolution images with no color limitations. The print is durable and fade-resistant, and all you need to do is upload the high-quality photograph that you want us to print.

Yes, we design our tablecloths to be washable without doing any harm to the printed photograph. We want you to be able to reuse your custom table cover for as long as possible, so we also provide guidelines on how to wash and store them for maximum durability.

A custom photo tablecloth with logo is otherwise known as your basic, loose-hanging traditional table cover.

Polyester and stretch spandex are wrinkle-resistant fabrics but are not entirely wrinkle-free. You can iron them, if necessary, on low heat or use steam to eliminate wrinkles. Pro Tip: Make sure to roll up your imprinted photo tablecloths when storing it to avoid wrinkles as much as possible.

We use polyester or stretch spandex material for our customized tablecloth. Polyester is ideal for table throws, fitted covers, table skirts, open corner covers, and table runners. Spandex material is ideal for stretch spandex covers and crossover covers.

Not all of our custom tablecloths have zippers though you may opt for a closed-back branded table cover that comes with a zipper.

Yes, you can choose any color but prices will vary depending on your chosen color. We have 15 stock color materials for polyester and 2 stock colors for stretch spandex (black and white) that are dyed in advance — making them less expensive than custom ones.

There are just four simple steps you need to know to order a blank table cover successfully. Select a table cover style, table size, color, and your preferred delivery date.

Yes. Although we are experts in making custom table covers, we also sell blank table covers with the same styles and sizes as the custom covers.

A fitted contour logo printed photo tablecloth is a one-piece slipcover with corner pleats made to fit your table’s exact size for a more polished look.

Yes! We offer many styles that await you.

Upon placing your order, you will have to choose your guaranteed delivery date along with the shipping fees you will have to pay. You will then receive the tracking number once your order has been shipped out.

Table skirts are attached to the outside edge of a table with a velcro clip. Skirts do not cover the top of your table, so another piece of fabric or vinyl is recommended.

Crossover custom photo table cloth have reversible sides and interchangeable designs as the stretchy material can be pulled down to cover the table legs.

An open corner cover is intended to make your table look professional and be easily accessible during events and trade shows in mere minutes!

Stretch spandex custom photo tablecloths are almost always seamless and wrinkle-free making them perfect for any event you can think of!

You can either DIY or send your custom imprinted tablecloths to be professionally laundered. Our custom branded tablecloths may be washed in a standard washing machine in cold water with regular detergent. If you desire to use bleach, make sure to use non-chlorine bleach.

Personalized Photo Tablecloth Reviews

Photos of Custom Personalized Photo Tablecloths

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Personalized Photo Tablecloth Videos

Where To Use Custom Personalized Photo Table Covers



As a caterer, every job is also an opportunity to potentially win more clients. As guests enjoy your food, you can immerse them in your brand with various assets to make a lasting impression. A personalized photo tablecloth can be a great way to give people an enduring memory, showcasing your custom image in your brand colors so people will think of you next time they need a caterer.



Whether it's a wedding, a milestone birthday, or any other kind of event, custom personalized photo tablecloths can play a big part in making it successful. Use them to display sentimental or memorable photos with lots of meaning to the event. Whether it’s an image of the happy couple or the birthday boy/girl, or anything else, our high-quality prints on elegant tablecloths will ensure it has the right effect on attendees at the event.

Pop-Up Restaurants

Pop-Up Restaurants

Elevate the success of your pop-up restaurant with personalized photograph tablecloths that display your custom image to guests. It’s important to attract customers, make a quick impression, and set the right tone in your pop-up space. Photos of your food or other relevant imagery emblazoned on high-quality tablecloths could help achieve this, earning you loyal customers once they taste your culinary creations.

School Events

School Events

School events can really benefit from the addition of custom personalized photo tablecloths. When carrying out fundraisers, sports events and other school gatherings, they can adorn any tables you have out to wonderful effect. Display images of mascots, school logos and other photos relating to the event to make a big impression on students, parents and other visitors.

Tips for Personalized Photo Tablecloths

Make sure you use high-resolution photos for your tablecloths

When printing a personalized photo tablecloth, high-resolution images will always yield better results. The better the photograph, the better it will look when printed onto the fabric. Contact us for guidance on whether your photograph is likely to yield the results you want - we can also advise on how to get the best look with your design.

Consider the size and placement of your image

It is vital to get the appropriate tablecloth size for your table and give it sufficient overhang to display your image. You must then decide on the size you want the photo to be for your personalized photo table cover. Large images are great if you want them to be visible from a distance, but smaller ones could enable you to display multiple images if you want.

Consider adding elements like text or a logo to your custom photo tablecloth

If you are trying to convey a message or enhance your branding with personalized photo tablecloths, text and custom logos can be a great addition. They can make a connection with the viewer and put your brand at the forefront of their mind, creating strong associations with the custom photo you include.

Best-Selling Personalized Photo Tablecloths

Custom Zipper Back 8 Foot photo Table Cover

The Custom Zipper Back 6 Foot photo Table Cover is a customizable and high-quality solution for all events. Made from durable polyester fabric with a seamless closed back design, it offers a professional and polished look. With vibrant color options and full customization capabilities, including your logo and graphics, this table throw enhances your brand visibility and makes a lasting impression. Easy to set up, transport, and clean, it's the perfect tool to elevate your display and attract attention at any event.


We offer the best price for custom photo imprinted table covers, ensuring unmatched quality and exceptional value for your party. Experience premium craftsmanship and affordability by choosing us for your custom photo tablecloth needs.

Fast Delivery

We provide the lowest shipping prices for custom table cloths photo, ensuring affordability and value. With our commitment to safe packaging and fast shipping dates, your custom photo tablecloths will arrive in pristine condition, promptly and efficiently.

Award Winning Customer Service

With our exceptional 24/7 customer service, we are here to assist you at every stage of your photo custom table cloth journey. Our dedicated team is ready to provide prompt and reliable support, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from start to finish.

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