Standard Tablecloth Sizes That Fits Your Table

Tablecloth sizes are a vital factor to contemplate when selecting new table coverings for your home, business, or events. Numerous standard sizes of tablecloths cater to various table shapes and dimensions, and this choice can significantly impact your next table cover purchase. Whether you require a tablecloth for a rectangular, square, or circular table, this guide provides essential insights to help you make an informed decision.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes That Fits Your Table

Key Takeaways

  • Tablecloths are available for rectangle, round and square tables.
  • We have a standard tablecloth size chart to help you find the ideal size.
  • The methods for measuring rectangle, round and square tables vary slightly.
  • There are important tips for measuring, like using measuring tape and checking twice for accuracy.
  • It is important to account for overhang, and there are different overhang lengths for different occasions.
  • Consider your practical and aesthetic needs when designing your custom tablecloths.

How To Select The Right Tablecloth Size For Your Table

Generally, tables are available in various shapes, including rectangles, rounds, and squares. To obtain the correct tablecloth dimensions for your requirements, it's essential to measure your tables accurately. Here's a guide on securing the right tablecloth sizes for different table types.

Beautiful white table setting with tablecloth for tablecloth sizes

Rectangle Tablecloth Sizes

Rectangular tablecloth sizes range from small to large. Common small dimensions can be as compact as 48” x 24”, while larger ones can measure up to 96” x 48”. Rectangle tables are versatile and a popular choice for various occasions, including large gatherings and corporate events. The size of the tablecloth is as significant as its style and aesthetics. Therefore, follow the advice in this guide to ensure you obtain the optimal size.

Round Table Cover Sizes

The smallest round tablecloths will have a diameter of around 36 to 48 inches. For larger round tables, the diameter will come in at the range of 84 to 96 inches. Of course, this depends on a number of variables. Round tables can be a great way to make maximum use of space, so they are a popular choice for large gatherings. You need to think about overhang preference as well, and consider things like:

  • Material and fabric
  • Style and aesthetics
  • Maintenance requirements

Square Tablecloth Sizes

With square tables, there is only one measurement to consider, just like with round ones. This is because the length and width are equal in a square. For smaller square tables, standard tablecloth size ranges from 24-48 inches. Large square tables need a side length of 84-96 inches. Square tables are excellent for dining, so they are common in cafes and restaurants. But they also work for offices, exhibits and anything that needs aesthetic appeal, which is only improved with the addition of a custom printed tablecloth.

Standard Tablecloth Size Chart For Table Cover Sizes

Here is our standard tablecloth size chart, providing you with the available options to choose from. After you've determined your table's size and the desired amount of overhang, refer to this chart to find the closest match that suits your requirements. This step is crucial when designing your custom tablecloth to ensure the best possible results.

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How To Use A Size Chart For Table Covers

A size chart displays the various tablecloth sizes designed for different table shapes. To use it effectively, the initial step involves determining your table's size, which serves as the foundation for your search. Follow the method described above for your specific tablecloth shape to obtain precise dimensions that match your table's size and shape accurately.

Once you have these dimensions in mind, refer to the chart. First, locate the relevant listings for your table shape. Then, review the dimensions in the chart to identify the ones that closely align with your requirements. If you cannot find an exact match, opt for the nearest available options. Consider whether it's preferable to choose a size slightly larger or slightly smaller than your specific needs.

Elegant round table setting with tablecloth for tablecloth sizes

How To Measure The Dimensions Of Your Rectangle Table Before Buying A Table Cover

The correct sizes of rectangular tablecloths are determined by the measurements of the tables themselves. Here is a simple process for measuring your rectangle tables to find the ideal table cover size:

  • Measure the length of the table: Get a measurement from end to end along the longest side of the table.
  • Measure the table width: Now, measure across the shorter length of the table to get its width.
  • Add an allowance for overhang: You need to establish the amount of overhang or drop you want. Typically, people choose 6-12 inches on all sides, but you can choose whatever you like. Just remember to double the amount you add to both length and width so that you get equal overhang all around.
  • Find the closest standard tablecloth size: Once you have the measurements, you can identify the standard rectangular tablecloth sizes that are closest to your needs and choose the one you want.

Follow this process and you should get a table cover size that works for your needs, and you can use our service to personalize it with custom designs and color choices.

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How To Measure The Dimensions Of Your Square Table Before Buying A Table Cover

The process for measuring a table for standard square tablecloth sizes is fairly simple. Use the following process to determine the table cover size you need:

  • Measure the length of the table: Get an accurate measurement of your table from one end to the other. This is the table side length, and it is fundamental to getting the correct tablecloth size.
  • Add overhang: Again, decide on the amount of overhang or drop you want for your square tablecloth. Many choose a drop of 6-12 inches, but you may want a bigger drop, particularly for formal occasions. Don’t forget to double the overhang measurement to get the correct amount of drop on all sides.
  • Choose the right tablecloth size: With your total measurements to hand, you can choose from the list of standard sizes or identify a custom tablecloth size where available.

This process is not complicated, but accuracy is paramount. Take the time to get your measurements right and consider the amount of drop you need carefully.

How To Measure The Dimensions Of Your Round Table Before Buying A Table Cover

Determining the appropriate tablecloth sizes for tables in a circle shape is very similar to the method for square tables. As the length and width are equal, you only need to measure once:

  • Measure the diameter of your table: This is the distance across the table from one side to the other, and it must cross through the table center. Measure this carefully to establish your table diameter.
  • Allow for overhang: Again, overhang is also an important consideration. Decide on the amount you want, and make sure you double it to get that overhang length all the way around. Bear in mind that formal occasions often call for a longer overhang.
  • Select the nearest standard size: Once you have established the measurements, you can find the round tablecloth size that is close to your table’s dimensions. Alternatively, you could try our custom tablecloth sizes to get your ideal fit.

This is the simple method for getting the correct size tablecloths for your round tables. Follow it to get your tables looking just the way you want them to.

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Important Tips While Taking the Measure Of Your Table For Table Cloth

If you don’t measure your table accurately, you have no way of getting the right standard sizes of tablecloths. With that in mind, here are some key tips to help you measure your table properly.

  • Use measuring tape: Reliable measuring tape is essential for this process. Use it to take measurements in inches and/or centimeters.
  • Round up: If you find that your measurements are somewhere in between standard tablecloth sizes, it’s usually best to roundup to ensure you get the best possible coverage.
  • Don't forget overhang/drop: Overhang is an important consideration for your tablecloth size. You need to judge the amount of drop and get the correct size for an equal overhang all around. There are different guidelines for different situations or occasions.
  • Measure twice: Always double-check your measurements to ensure they are accurate. Even a small error can result in an ill-fitting tablecloth.
  • Account for thickness of the table: Some tables are particularly thick, and some table covers have a lot of padding underneath. These things can impact the fit of a tablecloth, so take them into account when measuring.
  • Pay attention to the units of measurement: Be sure of whether you need to measure in inches or centimeters so that there is no confusion when making your choice.


Follow these tips and take accurate measurements to establish the appropriate sizes of tablecloths for your needs. This will help you get the perfect tablecloth for your table to enhance the overall appearance of your space or event.

Should You Also Measure Tablecloth Drop Length?

The drop length of your tablecloth is an important consideration. It has a profound impact on the look and function of your table setting. The length of the drop accounted for in your tablecloth size will largely determine the:

    • Aesthetic appeal
    • Level of protection offered
    • Versatility of the table cover
    • Available customization options
    • Comfort


    We have explained in this post how to account for drop length when measuring your table for a tablecloth. This is an essential component of getting the right tablecloth measurements for your needs, so give it due care and attention.

How Much Should A Tablecloth Hang Over?

The amount of overhang you need to add to your tablecloth size depends on several factors. The formality of the occasion is key, as are your personal preferences and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Here are some basic guidelines about tablecloth drop:

  • The standard choice: Typically, a drop of 6-12 inches is considered the standard for a balanced and visually appealing look.
  • A formal look: Longer overhang is often the choice for a formal occasion. A longer drop of 12+ inches adds an elegant, sophisticated appearance to your table setting.
  • Custom designs: If you have a custom graphic or monogram to be displayed on the overhang of your tablecloth, then longer is better. You could even have a floor-length overhang of 30 inches to showcase a particularly large design.
  • Personal preference: Your own tastes and preferences are key. Some people prefer the dramatic effect of a longer overhang, while other may prefer the minimalist appearance of a shorter one. These are important considerations to get the right aesthetic, so don’t ignore your personal preferences.
  • Functional considerations: In some instances, you may wish to store things underneath the table. A shorter overhang may be a better option in this case as it allows for great accessibility to the things beneath the table.

Be aware that there is no all-encompassing answer to the question of overhang. There is plenty of room for individuality and creativity. Consider factors like the occasion and your desired aesthetic to determine the appropriate level of overhang.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Tablecloth

When going through the process of buying a tablecloth, there are several factors to consider. The goal is to get something that meets your practical needs and delivers on your aesthetic preferences. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Fabric: Choose an appropriate fabric. Common options include polyester, cotton, linen and more, each offering different qualities for durability, maintenance and appearance.
  • Color and pattern: The color and pattern choices you make are important for your tablecloth’s purpose. Personal taste is a factor, but you also need to think about fitting with the surrounding decor and being on-brand.
  • Budget: You need to ensure you stay within your spending limits. Tablecloths are available at a wide range of price points, so find one that fits with your budget without sacrificing quality.
  • Custom design: We enable you to add a custom design to your tablecloth. This can be a personal image or message, a logo or anything else that works for your needs.

Ultimately, your tablecloth purchase must come down to your needs. We supply a wide range of tablecloths and our design wizard enables you to customize it to your unique specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tablecloth Sizes

How To Select The Right Tablecloth Size For Your Table

You need to measure your table, using the correct method for its shape. This will enable you to select the nearest available tablecloth size to get the right look.

Important Tips While Taking the Measure Of Your Table For Table Cloth

Always use measuring tape and take tablecloth overhang into account. Measure twice for an accurate sizing and it is usually best to round up to the nearest standard tablecloth size.

How Much Should A Tablecloth Hang Over?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Standard drop is around 6-12 inches, but it can be considerably more than this depending on the occasion and the desired aesthetic.

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