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Square Tablecloth On Round Table: Creating An Elegant Dining Space, Material Choices And Measurements

When it comes to dining aesthetics, there is a unique interplay between shape and tablecloth that can make a big difference. Discover the art of harmonizing a square tablecloth with a round table in this latest blog post. We take a deep dive into the nuances of creating elegant dining experiences with the right measurements, material choices, and shape considerations.

Whether you are planning for a casual gathering or a formal dinner party, learn how to elevate your dining space. With our guidance, you will create the perfect combination of shapes to achieve the right aesthetic.

Square Tablecloth On Round Table: Creating An Elegant Dining Space, Material Choices And Measurements

Key Takeaways

  • Square tablecloths can be added to round tables for a versatile and creative way to set up a table setting.
  • It’s important to cover the table’s entire diameter and provide overhang for effective tabletop protection and a balanced, cohesive appearance.
  • Measuring is important for square tablecloths on round tables, and you need to coordinate the colors and patterns to create a strong overall aesthetic.
  • Table covers can be combined with centerpieces and other tabletop elements to bring harmony between the mix of shapes.
  • We supply high-quality custom polyester tablecloths in various shapes and sizes, and you can determine the color and bespoke design elements to get the look you want.

Can I Use Square Tablecloths On Round Tables?

By putting square tablecloths on round tables, you can add a little versatility and creativity to your dining setup. The shapes may contrast, but a carefully-applied combination can create visual appeal and cultivate a sophisticated atmosphere. When you opt for this style, it’s important to consider the size and drop of your table cover.

The dimensions of the tablecloth should be enough to cover the round table’s full diameter, with sufficient overhang to incorporate an elegant drape that doesn’t overwhelm the table’s shape. For a balanced look, aim for a longer drop length - perhaps one that falls just a few inches above the floor. It may be helpful to apply tablecloth clips or weights to hold the fabric in place and prevent it from shifting or bunching up.

Careful attention to size, drop, and securing methods are important when applying a square table throw on a round table. Order custom square tablecloths from us in the ideal size to transform your round table into a stylish focal point.

covered round tables for square tablecloth on round table

Is Using A Square Tablecloth On A Round Table Practical?

When you use square tablecloths on round tables, you offer practicality and aesthetic charm for a range of different occasions. Here are some practical scenarios where you could try it:

  • Casual gatherings: At family dinners or brunches, square tablecloths on round tables can deliver a relaxed, cozy atmosphere to help people feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Formal events: Whether a wedding or a banquet, you can use the unconventional pairing of square tablecloths and round tables to add a touch of uniqueness and sophistication that will make the occasion more memorable.
  • Business meetings: Square tablecloths on round tables can help facilitate communication and interaction among attendees with the inclusive seating arrangement.

The shapes are not a conventional match, but it is practical to use square tablecloths on round tables. It is an adaptable combination that enhances the overall dining experience and table settings with versatility and charm.

Do You Need A Round Or Square Tablecloth For A Round Table?

With round tables, both round and square tablecloths can be a good fit, depending on your desired aesthetic and functionality. Round tablecloths offer a seamless fit if you want a uniform look and full coverage. But square tablecloths can be a unique and stylish alternative.

If you want to mix round tables with square tablecloths, here are some things to keep in mind.


  • Consider drop length to ensure a balanced drape all around the table’s circumference.
  • Experiment with different patterns and textures when designing a tablecloth to add visual interest to the table setting.
  • Complement the tablecloth shape with the overall style or theme of the event.


  • Choose a tablecloth size that is too small or large for your round table - fit is important.
  • Mix too many conflicting patterns or colors, as this could overwhelm the visual appeal.
  • Overlook the practicality of tablecloth shape, as ease of use is important.

Can A Square Tablecloth Cover A Round Table?

Choosing a square tablecloth for a round table can result in an enigmatic and stylish look that also provides adequate coverage. Balancing these two things is paramount to effectively cover your round table, so focus on delivering on both fronts for best results.

Practical advice to achieve this includes:

  • Centering the square tablecloth on the round table for even coverage throughout.
  • Allowing the corners of the square tablecloth to drape elegantly over the edges of the round table for an elegant flowing effect.
  • Choosing a square tablecloth size that exceeds the diameter of the round table, ensuring ample coverage and drop length.
  • Adjusting the folds and drapes of the tablecloth for a symmetrical, aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

Follow these tips to ensure your square tablecloth effectively covers your round table. This will infuse your table setup with sophistication and style.

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Square Vs. Rectangle Tablecloth On Round Table

Square tablecloths are not your only option for creating a unique look on round tables. Many of our customers order custom rectangle tablecloths for this purpose, and both options offer distinct aesthetic and practical considerations.

  • Square tablecloths: When you place them on round tables, you can center them for even coverage and the corners will drape elegantly over the edges. The look is symmetrical and refined, ideal for formal occasions.
  • Rectangle tablecloths: THese may need a little extra adjustment for a good fit on a round table. It may be necessary to fold or tuck them to achieve a balanced look all around the table.

Rectangle tablecloths may provide more coverage, which could accommodate additional seating. But you may find you have excess fabric at the sides, which can take away from the visual appeal of the table setting.

Both square and rectangle tablecloths can be good for round tables, but you need to consider your aesthetic and practical preferences. Square tablecloths offer a simpler and more elegant solution for installation on round tables.

square tablecloths on round tables for square tablecloth on round table

Square Tablecloth For Round Dining Table: An Elegant Choice

When you take up the option of using a square tablecloth on a round dining table, draping and positioning are pivotal considerations for achieving an elegant and balanced look. The first step is to ensure you center the square tablecloth on the round table, allowing the corners to drape gently over the table’s curved edges.

Here are some tips for applying square table covers as the best tablecloths for events on round tables:

  • Use decorative weights or clips at the tablecloth’s corners to prevent shifting for a secure, polished appearance.
  • Embellish the edges with decorative trims like lace or tassels, accentuating the square shape and adding visual interest.
  • Fold excess fabric neatly underneath the table or create pleats at each corner for a more tailored look.

By paying heed to the details and experimenting with creative embellishments, you can ensure your square tablecloths are an elegant solution for young tables. Elevate the ambiance of your dining space and deliver memorable experiences for your guests.

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How Do You Measure Square Tablecloths On Round Tables?

There are some essential considerations when approaching how to measure for a tablecloth with round tables and square table covers. Your first step should be to measure the diameter of the round table, accounting for any extensions if applicable. Once you have this measurement, determine your ideal drop length, bearing in mind that a square tablecloth will drop further at its corners on a round table. In formal settings, a drop length of 12 to 15 inches is common, while more casual settings often use a shorter drop.

When you are designing your square tablecloth, aim for dimensions that are equal to or slightly larger than the round table’s diameter. This will ensure you get adequate coverage whilst also creating a graceful drape over the table’s edges at the corners of the tablecloth. You should also be mindful of the material and weight of the tablecloth, as this will have an impact on the feel and how it drapes over the edges.

Follow this guidance to confidently select a square tablecloth that enhances the beauty of your round table.

How To Calculate The Right Size?

The diameter of your table is fundamental to calculating the right size for a square tablecloth on a round table. Knowing what size tablecloth for a 60-inch round table is different to that of a 40-inch one. The diameter of the table will be the measurement for one side of the tablecloth. Then, when you determine your desired drop length, you should double it and add the resulting figure to the diameter for your square tablecloth width.

The drop length is a little harder to determine with non-matching shapes, because it won’t be equal all around the table. A drop length of 6 to 15 inches at the corners of the table cover should accommodate most aesthetic needs. A longer drop looks more formal, while a shorter one is considered more casual.

Once you have a total size measurement in mind, ensure the dimensions are equal in the length and width to get a square table cover. This will help achieve a balanced, symmetrical appearance once in place.

Square Linen On Round Table

The properties of linen for applying square tablecloths to round tables offer several advantages. Linen is known to be durable, so it is a reliable choice for protecting tabletops from spills and stains even with frequent use. Additionally, the fabric’s natural elegance delivers a beautiful drape, boosting the aesthetic appeal of your table setting.

We offer polyester alternatives to custom printed linen tablecloths so that you can personalize your dining experience. The high-quality material matches the durability of linen at a cheaper price point, and offers a similar aesthetic in terms of the drape over the edges.

Design with your choice of colors, patterns, and bespoke visuals, and choose the optimal size for your formal dinner or casual gathering. We are known for our attention to detail and craftsmanship, so you can trust that you will get a personalized tablecloth that meets your practical and aesthetic needs.

Comparison With Other Materials

Linen, cotton, and polyester are all common materials for square tablecloths to apply to round tables. Each fabric offers unique characteristics, so let’s see how they compare as the best fabric for a table cover.

  • Linen: This has a natural texture and subtle sheen that exude a timeless elegance. Ideal for formal occasions, you get exceptional durability and reliable tabletop protection. But the fabric often requires delicate maintenance and comes at a higher price point than the other two,
  • Cotton: This has a softer, more casual aesthetic, suitable for everyday use. It is low-maintenance and generally more affordable than linen.
  • Polyester: Known for durability and resistance to stains and wrinkles, this is a practical choice for large events or busy home/commercial environments. It doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as linen, but it is low-maintenance, affordable, and extremely durable.

When it comes to the ideal fabric for a square tablecloth on a round table, the choice is yours. But our high-quality custom polyester table covers never fail to impress.

What Are The Best Patterns For A Square Tablecloth?

When considering patterns for a square tablecloth to put on a round table, there are various options for you to consider. Let’s looks at some popular choices from our customers and analyze their suitability for square table throws:

  • Floral patterns: These bring elegance and charm that is ideal for formal dining.
  • Geometric shapes This is a good choice for a modern, sophisticated look that adds visual interest to table setups.
  • Solid colors: This versatile choice allows for easy coordination with other table decor elements.
  • Abstract patterns: These can add contemporary flair, with a range of color combinations available to create a cohesive look.

The best pattern choice depends on your overall decor theme and personal preferences. Seek visual harmony to ensure your square tablecloth complements the round table nicely.

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Square Table Throw On Round Table

To achieve the aesthetic you want by putting square table throws on round tables, focus on balance and harmony. Centerpieces are a good choice, and you can use them to complement the mixed shapes. Good options include round vases or bowls, harmonizing with the table’s circular form whilst contrasting with the square tablecloth.

Consider the visual weight of the tablecloth. It should have an even drape and should not overpower the table’s round silhouette. In terms of the table cover’s design, opt for subtle patterns or solid colors that enhance the cohesive look without being an overwhelming presence. And incorporate contemporary elements, like coordinating napkins, placemats, coasters, and tableware, to further enhance the overall look.

The aim should be to achieve a harmonious balance between the square tablecloth and the round table. The cover design is just one aspect of this - other table decorations can play a key role in the overall aesthetic.

an uncovered round table for square tablecloth on round table

Can Square Centerpieces Look Stylish With Round Tables?

You can cultivate a stylish aesthetic by combining square centerpieces with round tables for an injection of modernity and geometric interest. To succeed with this endeavor, consider these tips:

  • Balance: Ensure optimal cohesion between the square centerpiece and the round table by choosing proportionate sizes.
  • Height variation: Experiment with different heights to enhance the visual interest and depth of the table setting.
  • Coordination: Make sure the colors, materials, and patterns of the centerpiece align with the overall decor scheme for a harmonious appearance.
  • Symmetry: Multiple square centerpieces could be arranged symmetrically, or offset slightly, for a dynamic visual effect.

With strategic balance of shapes, sizes, and styles, square centerpieces can be a beautiful accompaniment to round tables. Use them to create an intriguing focal point for any dining or event space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Square Tablecloth On Round Table

Can I Use Square Tablecloths On Round Tables?

Yes, square tablecloths can make a stylish and elegant addition to round tables. You will need a table cover size that accommodates the entire table’s diameter and offers an overhang at the tablecloth’s corners.

How Do You Measure Square Tablecloths On Round Tables

Measuring for square tablecloths on round tables involves using a tape measure to get the diameter of the table. You will then need to think about your desired overhang and factor that into your size calculations.

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