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What Size Table Runner For 72-Inch Table: Round, Rectangle, Square & More?

We have curated this comprehensive guide to help you determine what size table runner you need for a 72-inch table. Whether it’s round, rectangle, or square, or for a banquet, wedding, or any other purpose, find the right dimensions to get the best possible table decor.

Explore tips to elevate your experience with the optimal table runner size. And learn how custom table runners can help you make the most of these stylish table covers.

What Size Table Runner For 72-Inch Table: Round, Rectangle, Square & More?

Key Takeaways

  • Table runner size for 72-inch tables depends on whether you want an overhang. It is not a requirement, but many people prefer it.
  • Table shape is a key consideration for getting the right table runner dimensions, and be sure to measure accurately.
  • The occasion you need the table runner for should help guide you on requirements for width and overhang.
  • We can create high-quality, custom table runners for any table shape and size, with options to personalize the color and design to suit your occasion.

What Size Table Runner Do I Need For A 72-Inch Table?

When determining table runner length for a 72-inch table, you need to consider the table’s overall dimensions and the look you want to accomplish. In a consideration of table runners vs tablecloths, remember that the former doesn’t cover the entire table. Many people choose to use the two in combination for an elegant aesthetic.

Here are some size suggestions for your table runners:

  • Width: A width of 13-18 inches can offer a minimalist touch for a table runner that leaves space at the edges.
  • Length: Some may choose to order a 72-inch table runner to fit the table’s length exactly. But a longer table runner can create a dramatic effect by offering overhang at the ends.

Choose proportions that align with your aesthetic preferences, whether you want a subtle look or to make a bolder statement.

table runner on an outdoor table for what size table runner for 72-inch table

Size Chart For A Table Runner For A 72-Inch Table

Explore a table runner size chart to find the optimal fit for your table setup. From elegant overhangs to minimalist touches, exploring the options in this chart will help you visualize dimensions that suit various style choices.

Elevate your dining experience by determining the optimal table runner size for a 72-inch table, whether round, rectangle, or square.

72-Inch Rectangle Table: What Size Table Runner Do I Need?

When thinking about what size table runner to buy for a 72” rectangular table, you need to consider practicality, balance, and style. Here are some basic suggestions:

  • Formal settings: Consider a 96-inch table runner for an overhang of 12 inches at either end, with a 12-18 inch width, for an elegant look.
  • Casual settings: A 72-84 inch length would deliver a table runner with a 0-6 inch overhang at each end to strike the right balance.

Find your ideal size for your table’s dimensions and style requirements, then design your own custom linen table runner with us to tailor the look to your space or brand.

What About Table Runner Length For An 84-Inch Rectangular? 

If you have a larger 84-inch rectangle table, the basic ideas are still the same. Longer overhangs suggest a more formal, elegant environment, whilst shorter overhangs (or no overhang at all) are a better fit for casual environments. The typical width measurement range remains 12-18 inches for table runners on tables of this size.

Keep this in mind when considering your options. A 108-inch length would provide that elegant 12-inch overhang at each end, while an 84-inch length would mean no overhang. Either way, you get the tabletop protection along the center line of the table’s length, and you can customize the runner’s aesthetic with us to get the perfect look and table runner size for your 84-inch table.

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What Size Table Runner For a 72-Inch Round Table?

If you are considering table runner size for a 72-inch round table, you need to determine your practical needs and desired aesthetic. The first consideration is how to measure a round table for a table cover, so do this first. Once you have confirmed that you have a table with a 72-inch diameter, you can think about different looks.

For a refined look, choose a table runner that matches the table’s diameter, or one that is slightly smaller. Or, if you prefer a draped effect, a length with a modest overhang works well. Consider an 84-inch table runner for an elegant 6-inch overhang at each end.

Play with different lengths and widths when designing to get the balance you need. This will help ensure your table runner complements the overall setting.

How Long Should A Table Runner Be For A 60” Round Table? 

When selecting a 60” round table runner size, aim for a length that allows an appealing overhang. Some people choose no overhang at all for table runners on round tables, but here are some suggestions for length and width:

  • Length: Opt for a 60-, 72-, or 90-inch table runner for your round table. This will deliver no overhang, or an overhang of 6 or 12 inches at each end.
  • Width: 12-14 inches is generally considered ideal for a fuller coverage on this round table size.

Again, experiment with lengths and widths to find the right combination. The goal is to enhance the table’s aesthetic whilst also ensuring the practical needs are met.

72-Inch Square Table: What Size Table Runner Do I Need?

If you have a 72-inch square table, your table runner size should help achieve geometric balance on the tabletop. The key considerations are width and whether or not you want an overhang. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Length: Many choose a table runner for square tables with no overhang, but you could get a drape of 6-12 inches with an 84-96 inch table runner length.
  • Width: A table runner width of 24 inches would divide the square table into thirds for a symmetrical effect. But you could go down to an 18-inch width for a more minimalist look.

Think carefully about your desired aesthetic and the amount of coverage you need when determining the width and length of your table runner for a 72” square table.

a small table runner for what size table runner for 72-inch table

What Size Table Does A 14” x 108” Table Runner Fit?

A 14” x 108” table runner could fit a square, rectangle, or circular table. The 14” width is fairly modest, but it could fit tables in any of the above shapes with the following lengths/diameters:

  • 108” table: It would fit this table size with no overhang at all.
  • 96” table: You would get a 6-inch overhang at each end on this table size.
  • 84” table: With this table size, you would get a drape at each end of 12 inches.

Ultimately, you get to choose what table this runner size is a good fit for.

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How To Measure A 72-Inch Table Correctly To Buy The Perfect Table Runner

Precise measurements are a crucial factor in determining what size tablecloth to buy for a 72-inch table. Confirming the key dimension for table runners - length or diameter - is absolutely crucial. Here’s how to measure for a tablecloth for different table shapes:

  • Rectangular: Measure the length and width with a tape measure, and opt for a runner that is equal to or greater than the table’s length to determine your ideal overhang.
  • Circular: Measure the diameter. Select a runner with a similar or slightly longer/shorter length to get your desired look.
  • Square: You only need to measure one side for a square table. Your chosen runner should be equal to or greater than that measurement for an aesthetically-pleasing look.

With this meticulous approach, you lay the foundation for getting the optimal size when you design a custom tablecloth for a 72-inch table.

How To Choose The Correct Table Runner For Your 72-Inch Table 

Table runner size for a 72-inch table is only one consideration for getting the perfect table cover for your table. You also need to delve into other crucial aspects of the table runner, such as:

  • Material
  • Color
  • Design

When you order from us, you get an elegant polyester table runner that is durable, affordable, and highly customizable. You choose from a broad spectrum of colors to match your surroundings or represent your brand. And you can even incorporate bespoke elements like text and graphics to get the look you want for any establishment, event, or occasion.

Table Runner Sizes For 72-Inch Tables In Different Settings

Did you know that choosing what size table runner for a 72-inch table can vary according to the setting you are preparing for? The considerations about width and overhang lengths can vary depending on the circumstances, including situations like:

  • Banquets
  • Trade shows
  • Wedding receptions

In fact, table runners at trade shows may sometimes be designed to cover the width of a rectangular table, rather than its length. Let’s look at some of the key considerations for table runner length to create a pleasing, well-curated look for table runners on 72-inch tables in different settings. Then you can consider how to design your custom table runner to achieve the right effect for your needs.

Table Runner Size For A 8ft Rectangle Banquet Table 

When choosing what size table runner for an 8ft rectangle banquet table, you need to think about the following:

  • Functional role
  • Optimal width
  • Length to achieve the right overhang

A drape at either end creates the elegant look you need for this scenario, so consider a runner length of 108 to 120 inches to achieve a drape of 6-12 inches at either end. The optimal width ranges from 12-18 inches, depending on the table’s width.

The practical purpose of a table runner on this type of table will be to serve as a decorative element whilst protecting the tabletop from things that are placed along the center line. This could be serving bowls or ornamental centerpieces, so make sure the width is sufficient to accommodate them.

Table Runner For A 72-Inch Trade Show Table 

You will need to make some strategic decisions to choose what size table runner to order for a 72-inch trade show table. Branding and visual impact are important at these events, so many will choose a typical runner length of 72 inches and select a color that aligns with their brand.

However, you may want to break from tradition and choose a table runner that runs along the table’s width instead of its length. This would enable you to include a longer overhang that displays your logo or another on-brand design at the front of your table. Make sure the width is sufficient to accommodate your design, and that you choose colors that align with your visual identity.

Table Runner Length For A 72-Inch Wedding Table

To select the ideal table runner size for a 72-inch wedding table, you must achieve a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. We suggest a runner with a length of 90 to 120 inches to achieve a graceful drape over the ends of 14-24 inches. The width should complement the table’s dimensions, typically ranging from 12 to 18 inches.

The runner is a key decorative element, but it also protects the tabletop from spills. Running along the table’s center line, it will probably be adorned with ornaments and centerpieces that contribute to the overall decor. Design custom wedding table runners with us to achieve the perfect look for your wedding reception.

an elegant table runner for what size table runner for 72-inch table

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Frequently Asked Questions About 'What Size Table Runner For 72-Inch Table'

What Size Table Runner Do I Need For A 72-Inch Table?

A table runner for a 72-inch table can be 72 inches long and 12-18 inches wide. You could go longer if you want an overhang - 6-12 inches is the common range, but you could go longer.

Size Chart For A Table Runner For A 72-Inch Table

A size chart can be a useful resource for helping determine the optimal table runner size for your 72-inch table. Use one to envision different table runner dimensions to find your ideal solution.

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