How To Secure A Tablecloth Outside So It Doesn’t Blow Away

Add peace of mind to your outdoor dining experience with our guide on how to secure a tablecloth outside. The right table setting can really bring an outdoor gathering to life, but the wind can pose challenges that you don’t get indoors. In this blog post, we look at how to secure a tablecloth so that it stays firmly in place when the wind picks up. From convenient clamps to weights and other clever tricks, discover the secrets to equipping your beautifully set table to withstand the elements. Don’t let the wind ruin your occasion - master the art of keeping your tablecloth from sliding and make your outdoor gathering go off without a hitch.

How To Secure A Tablecloth Outside So It Doesn’t Blow Away

Key Takeaways

  • You can use accessories like tablecloth clips, tablecloth weights, and tie-downs to secure your tablecloth outside.
  • If your tablecloth is being lifted by the wind, you can improvise with things like heavy objects, wooden clothespins or binder clips.
  • It is simple to apply solutions like clips or tie-downs to a table cover.
  • Our custom polyester tablecloths are resistant to wind infiltration, and you can combine them with any of these anchoring methods for a complete solution.

How To Secure And Hold A Tablecloth Outside

Some table covers, like our custom printed tablecloths, are made from fabrics that are naturally resistant to being displaced. The polyester design of our products has enough weight to resist wind infiltration and it grips well to many table surfaces. There is still a risk, however, on a particularly windy day, and many other materials are less resilient when it comes to being moved by the wind.

The best way to secure a tablecloth depends on your circumstances. You can use clips, tablecloth weights, sandbags, or bungee cords. There are lots of approaches to secure a tablecloth outside, so you need to explore your options and decide on the best fit. Let’s look more closely at some possible solutions to consider.

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Tablecloth Clips

Tablecloth clips can be used with almost any table cover material and are a great way to hold a table cover in place. They clamp onto the edges of the table, holding the table cover in position. You simply need to distribute them evenly around the perimeter of the table, ensuring they hold the cover securely.

Follow the guidance that comes with the clips on spacing for your table. In windy conditions, consider adding more clips to provide a more resilient attachment. These will prevent wind infiltration and also keep your table cover from sliding due to accidental tugs. You can choose decorative clips or install them discreetly so as not to compromise your table setting aesthetic.

Tablecloth Weights

Tablecloth weights can be bought from home goods stores or made yourself using things like rocks tied to strings. Where your tablecloth overhangs around the table’s edges, you can attach these weights to help secure your tablecloth and prevent it being displaced on the table.

Tablecloth weights typically clip onto the edge of your tablecloth. On square or oblong tables, a weight in each corner should be sufficient to keep it in place. For round tables, place them on opposite sides to ensure balance and an even distribution. The result will be that your table cover is weighed down, making it more difficult to move it unexpectedly.

Bungee Cords And Tie Downs

Bungee cords and tie-downs can be a reliable way to secure outdoor tablecloths to protect against the elements. You will need to loop the bungee cords underneath the table and hook them together to hold the table cover in place. You can then extend the tie-down from the corners of the tablecloth to some sturdy anchor points on the ground for a tight fit.

This method creates a uniquely resilient barrier, making it almost impossible for wind to lift the tablecloth. This is one of the cheapest ways to cover a table outdoors and not have to worry about the wind - it is practical and effective, keeping your custom event tablecloth securely in place.


Sandbags are heavy and weather-resistant, so they are a good option for use in outdoor scenarios. They make great weights that you can apply to your outdoor table setting in order to keep your tablecloth from blowing away in the wind. You will need a large sandbag or 4 smaller ones to enact this method at your outdoor gathering.

You must simply place your sandbag(s) on top of the tablecloth. A large one can be positioned in the center of the table, or you can place smaller ones close to the corners. They will help secure your tablecloth against the wind, and you can decorate them to be part of the ensemble in your setting if aesthetics are important.

Velcro Strips

For a discrete method to secure a tablecloth to a table outdoors, Velcro strips are a very good option. The hook-and-loop mechanism provides a robust attachment, and you can get 2-part Velcro strips with adhesive backing to easily implement them on your table. They will not be visible to your guests, but they provide reliable protection against the wind.

Simply use the adhesive backing to stick one side of the Velcro strip to the tabletop. Then, stick the other part to the corresponding section of the underside of your table cover. With correct alignment, you will be able to press the two together when you apply the table cover and it will easily secure your tablecloth against being displaced.

Heavy Centerpieces

A heavy centerpiece, like a sculpture or a large vase, is a good alternative to sandbags for how to hold a table cover in place. Positioned in the center of your table, it performs the same function as a large sandbag, but creates a more aesthetically-pleasing result.

If the appearance of your table setting is important, this might be a preferred option.

You can use your creativity to select a centerpiece that aligns with the tablecloth design and complements the overall aesthetic of your table setting. It will prevent your tablecloth from blowing away or being displaced by accidental tugs, but a corner of the table cover could still be lifted by the wind.

Keeping A Plastic Table Cloth Secured Outdoors

With their lightweight materials and tendency to slip on smooth surfaces, it’s useful to know the best way to secure a plastic tablecloth outdoors. These are among the cheapest ways to cover a table, but they offer very good water protection and complement a certain aesthetic. They are more likely to need additional securing for outdoor environments, but it isn’t hard to do this.

The simple answer is that you can use the same methods you would for any other tablecloth type. A heavy centerpiece is unlikely to be enough, since the corners could still be lifted, but you can use:

  • Tablecloth clips
  • Tablecloth weights
  • Velcro strips
  • Bungee cords

Again, look for the most robust solution that will still complement your table setting, if aesthetics are important. Alternatively, look at different materials like our customized polyester tablecloths to get the perfect look and a superior performance. You might be surprised at just how affordable they actually are.

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What To Do If Your Tablecloth Is Getting Blown Away Outside

If you are already set up for an outdoor gathering and your tablecloth keeps getting blown away, you need to secure your outdoor tablecloth as quickly as possible. Unless you live next door to a home supplies store, you will probably have to improvise for this. Fortunately, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You have many options available to you, including:

  • Using clothespins or binder clips as makeshift tablecloth clamps
  • Get some bungee cords to tie your tablecloth down
  • Grab some heavy objects like rocks to put on top of the table

These improvised solutions will help to stop the wind from displacing your table cover, but they are unlikely to look pretty. For your next outdoor gathering or event, you should prepare for this problem by using a custom table linen that is better suited to outdoor use and getting some accessories to secure that tablecloth to your table.

How Do You Put Clips On An Outdoor Table Cover?

Using tablecloth clips is an excellent solution for how to secure a tablecloth outside. And they are simple to use as well. Here is the process to install them successfully:

  1. Measure your table to calculate how many clips you will need. The instructions should give you recommended spacing for the clips, so work out how many you will need for the length and width of the table on all sides.
  2. Apply the clips, one at a time, making sure they clip firmly to the table and anchor the tablecloth in place. Aim for even spacing, ensuring all corners are covered with some extra clips in between.
  3. Try to avoid bunching the tablecloth as you go.

With your clips in place, you have what you need to hold your table cover in place and prevent wind infiltration. You could combine this with a heavy centerpiece for maximum protection against the wind.

Do Custom Tablecloths Get Blown Away?

When it comes to tablecloths that are resistant to being displaced by the wind, it’s all about which is the best fabric for a table cover. We make our custom tablecloths from polyester, which is heavier than many other fabrics and has a texture that grips well to tabletops. These features make our products more resistant than some tablecloths to being lifted by the wind, but it can still happen.

Fortunately, it is very easy to combine our personalized table covers with clips, weights, heavy centerpieces, and other solutions. Our custom design service lets you choose the size, shape, colors, unique design elements, and more to get the optimal table dressing for aesthetic and practical purposes. They are durable and offer outstanding table protection, and they won’t be damaged by your method to secure them to the table. Order from us for the complete solution for outdoor dining or gatherings.

How Do You Tie An Outdoor Tablecloth?

You can use ties to secure a tablecloth to a table, and it is a straightforward process. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Place the tablecloth evenly on the table.
  2. Locate the corners of the tablecloth and gather them together.
  3. Use fabric straps or ribbons to tie the corners to the table legs, pulling tight to achieve a snug fit.
  4. For larger tables, you can add additional ties to other table legs.

It’s important to opt for flexible ties so that they can withstand tension or movement. This simple but effective method provides a secure hold to prevent the tablecloth from being displaced. When executed well, it can also ensure a neat and polished table setting for your gathering.

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Keeping A Tablecloth From Sliding From The Table Outdoors

In this post, we have looked at a number of solutions for how to secure outdoor tablecloths. The basic idea is that you use an accessory to anchor the tablecloth in place, and there are many options at your disposal for this. The first step is to ensure your tablecloth fits the table well, then you can strategically place accessories like:

  • Tablecloth clips
  • Tablecloth weights
  • Bungee cords
  • Sandbags
  • Heavy centerpieces
  • Velcro strips

You need to determine which solution will work best for your needs. While sandbags positioned in the corners offer a reliable anchor for your table cover, they may not offer the most aesthetically-pleasing look. Velcro straps under the cover won’t affect your aesthetic, but they may take more work to align properly for installation.

Consider your practical and aesthetic needs and choose the solution that works for you. We have covered all the major considerations in this post, so you have all you need to know to secure your tablecloth for an excellent outdoor dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Securing A Tablecloth Outside

How To Secure And Hold A Tablecloth Outside

The best solution is to use an accessory to secure a tablecloth outside. Clips, weights, Velcro strips, sandbags, and more are good options for robust protection against wind.

How To Keep A Plastic Table Cover Secured Outdoors

The best way to secure a plastic tablecloth outside is the same as any other material. Choose the most suitable accessory to anchor it in place and prevent wind infiltration.

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