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How To Wash Polyester Tablecloths The Right Way

Polyester table covers are a staple for many commercial purposes. But do you know how to wash polyester tablecloths properly? It's essential to provide adequate care to ensure the fabric's longevity. Fortunately, caring for your polyester linens is not complicated. Let's take a comprehensive look at everything you need to know about washing polyester tablecloths.

How To Wash Polyester Tablecloths The Right Way

Key Takeaways

  • All polyester tablecloths have their own specific care instructions
  • You should wash your table covers separately from other laundry items
  • Cool wash settings are usually recommended
  • Never use bleach or other harsh chemicals
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures when drying
  • Store safely to protect against damage and wrinkles
  • Polyester table covers are usually machine washable
  • It is important to tackle mold quickly if it develops

How To Wash Polyester Tablecloths

If polyester tablecloths become stained, accumulate encrusted dirt, or experience any other type of soiling, they will require washing. Especially for commercial purposes, it's advisable to wash them after each use. However, careful washing is necessary to maintain their appearance and prolong their lifespan. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to wash and dry polyester tablecloths.

Row of commercial washing machines for how to wash polyester tablecloths

Check The Care Instructions Before Washing

We provide extensive information on how to clean polyester tablecloths that our customers buy from us. All products also include a label that indicates key information like the temperature to wash at. Be sure to pay close attention to these guidelines as they exist to help you avoid damaging your linens when washing, drying or ironing them.

Separate Tablecloths From Other Laundry Items

It is generally wise to separate your tablecloths from other laundry items when washing them. This is particularly important if they are made from different fabrics, as it helps avoid issues like color bleeding and rough handling of the materials. Here are the reasons why you should separate from other laundry items when washing polyester tablecloths:

  • Color bleeding: Vibrant colors can bleed dye from polyester fabrics during a wash cycle. If mixed with other fabrics, this could lead to permanent stains.
  • Lint transfer: Some fabrics from other laundry items could shed lint during the wash, which would then adhere to the tablecloth fabric.
  • Delicates: Though they are quite robust, you could cause unnecessary wear and tear to your polyester table covers if they are mixed with heavier fabrics in the wash.
  • Different care needs: The care needs of other fabrics may differ from those of your polyester tablecloths. Wash separately to ensure each fabric gets the treatment it needs.

Wash Your Polyester Table Cover In Cool Water

Polyester usually requires cool wash cycles when laundering. This is because polyester is a synthetic fabric, so you should always think ‘cool’ when wondering what temperature to wash polyester tablecloths at.

Using cool wash cycles helps prevent excessive wear and tear when washing. It also minimizes the risk of colors bleeding or fading as the wash progresses. We recommend checking the care instructions on the packaging or the tablecloth label. This should indicate the optimal temperature for washing safely.

Avoid Bleach, Harsh Chemicals, And Fabric Softeners

Bleach, harsh chemicals, and fabric softeners should all be avoided when washing polyester tablecloths. This may lead to the question of how to get stains out of polyester tablecloths. Well, the key is to pre-treat with mild detergents before putting the tablecloth in the wash.

Harsh chemicals and fabric softeners can damage the polyester fabric, affecting its integrity and even causing discoloration. Mild detergents are always the safer option, and you should closely follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will help get the table cover clean and preserve the quality of the fabric.

Dry On A Low Heat Setting Or Air Dry

Once the washing is complete, the next question is how to dry polyester tablecloths. Generally speaking, polyester is safe to put in a tumble dryer, but it is important to use a low heat setting. Exposure to high temperatures could cause the fabric to shrink or lose its shape. Check the care instructions, and if they allow for tumble dryers, opt for a low heat or delicate cycle.

Air-drying is often the preferred option for polyester tablecloths. You can open them out completely and allow them to dry in the air, helping to avoid wrinkles. It is recommended to avoid leaving them out in direct sunlight for too long, as this could cause color fading or damage to the fabric. Air dry in a space with lots of airflow and consider ironing the cloths before putting them into storage.

Store Folded Or Hung To Avoid Wrinkles

Once you have completed the full process of how to wash and dry polyester tablecloths, the final consideration is storage. Before you put a table cover into storage, you should consider ironing it to ensure it is wrinkle-free. You can then help preserve this wrinkle-free state by folding the tablecloth correctly. This will help maintain its pristine appearance and also make it compact enough for efficient storage.

You must then consider the correct way to store your tablecloths. There are several options, but you must ensure the storage space is:

  • Clean
  • Cool
  • Dry
  • Away from direct sunlight

Common places to store them include wardrobes, closets, chests and drawers. We supply our polyester table covers with a fabric storage bag that you can put them in before placing in storage for an additional layer of protection. Your storage solution should defend the tablecloth against dirt, damage and moisture, so choose it carefully.

Photograph of washer and dryer in utility room for how to wash polyester tablecloths

Are Polyester Table Covers Machine Washable?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases, polyester tablecloths can be machine washed. Polyester is a versatile and durable fabric, which is one of the reasons it is so popular for commercial uses. However, you must always follow the care instructions whenever you put them into a washing machine.

The general rules for how to clean polyester tablecloths in the washing machine are as follows:

  • Separate from other laundry items
  • Use mild detergents
  • Wash in cool water
  • Opt for gentle cycles

While these are good guidelines, it's essential to obtain specific instructions from the care labels and documentation. We provide comprehensive guidance on caring for the polyester tablecloths we sell, ensuring you have no difficulty in staying informed about how to wash them safely.

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What Temperature To Wash Polyester Tablecloths

In most cases, the recommended temperature for washing polyester tablecloths is 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, or 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the specific instructions can vary from one product to the next. This is why you must always check the care instructions for your specific table covers.

Different fabric blends require different temperatures for washing. Paying attention to the guidelines and following them closely is the best way to maintain the appearance and integrity of your table covers when washing and drying them.

How Often Should You Wash Your Polyester Tablecloth?

Regular washing is important for polyester tablecloths, particularly if you use them for commercial purposes. In a commercial environment, it is recommended to wash them after every use. If you are using them at home, you are advised to wash them after every few uses or when visible soiling and staining becomes apparent.

Don’t ignore the importance of washing polyester tablecloths. It keeps them looking their best and helps to avoid permanent staining and maintain good hygiene.

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Do Polyester Tablecloths Shrink?

Though polyester is a robust and durable material, there is still a risk that they could shrink in the wash. The things that are most likely to cause this are:

  • High temperatures
  • Aggressive washing conditions

It’s important to know what temperature to wash polyester tablecloths. You will find instructions for your specific table cover on the manufacturer label or in the guidance that came with it. These care instructions should also provide information on spin speeds and other important considerations. Always follow the instructions to minimize the risk of your table covers shrinking or being damaged in the wash.

Can You Tumble-Dry Polyester Tablecloths?

Polyester tablecloths can usually be tumble-dried, but you will need to keep the temperature low or opt for a gentle setting. High temperatures can weaken the synthetic fibers and cause polyester tablecloths to:

  • Shrink
  • Change shape
  • Melt

Using the tumble dryer to dry your tablecloths is a convenient way to have them ready for reuse or storage quickly. But you must pay attention to the care instructions and only use the recommended settings. If the label says your tablecloth is not safe for the tumble dryer, opt for air drying instead.

Tablecloth being thrown into the air with sky background for how to wash polyester tablecloths

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How To Get Mold Out Of Polyester Tablecloths

When you discover mold on your tablecloths, it's important to approach its removal with caution. A vital safety measure when dealing with mold and mildew is to work in a well-ventilated area and to wear gloves and a mask to shield yourself from the spores.

Here’s how to get mold out of polyester tablecloths:

  • Inspect the tablecloth. If the mold has only affected a small section, you should be able to remove it. But if it has penetrated deeply and affected multiple areas, you may need to throw out the table cover.
  • Brush off loose mold with a soft brush. Do this outdoors so that the spores cannot spread indoors.
  • Treat the affected area with a solution that is equal parts white vinegar and water. Use a cloth and gently dab the moldy area before letting it sit for several minutes.
  • Now put the tablecloth through a wash cycle using the hottest setting that is safe for the fabric. Use mild detergent and consider adding half a cup of baking soda to assist with mold removal.
  • Inspect the tablecloth after the wash cycle to verify that the mold has been completely removed.
  • Air dry in sunlight for a few hours as the sun’s rays could kill any lingering mold spores.
  • Store the tablecloth once it is completely dry and avoid warm, humid environments.

If the mold persists, you might consider replacing the tablecloth. Completely removing deeply entrenched mold can be challenging, and you wouldn't want to take the risk of exposing people to it, especially if you are operating a business.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Wash Polyester Tablecloths

How To Wash Polyester Tablecloths

Polyester tablecloths should be washed in the washing machine following the relevant care instructions. General rules include isolating from other laundry, using cool settings and mild detergents.

Are Polyester Tablecloths Machine Washable?

Yes they are, but you must ensure you follow the care guidance for temperature and spin speed to preserve the fabrics.

Do Polyester Tablecloths Shrink?

It is possible that they could shrink if exposed to higher temperatures. As long as you wash and dry in line with the manufacturer recommendations, shrinkage should not occur.

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