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4 Feet $99.00
6 Feet $109.00
8 Feet $119.00
Compact and versatile, the 4ft table is perfect for smaller spaces or events. It provides a convenient surface for various activities, such as serving food, displaying products at trade shows, or creating an intimate dining setting. Its portability makes it easy to set up and move around, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.
The 6ft table strikes a balance between space efficiency and ample surface area. It is a popular choice for conferences, meetings, and events where a moderate-sized table is needed. This table allows for comfortable seating arrangements and provides sufficient space for presentations, displays, or collaborative work. Sturdy and reliable, the 6ft table is a versatile option for various settings.
Designed for larger gatherings and events, the 8ft table offers an expansive surface area that accommodates a significant number of people. Ideal for conferences, banquets, and exhibitions, this table provides ample space for presentations, buffet-style setups, or collaborative group activities. Its length makes it a prominent centerpiece, ensuring that it can meet the demands of diverse occasions while maintaining stability and durability.

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