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Fitted tablecloth for rectangle tables made with 100% polyester for any occasion such as weddings, birthday parties, and other social gatherings, This versatile rectangle-shaped table cloth fits most large folding buffet tables, outdoor picnic tables, dining room, and kitchen tables. A lot of bright, vibrant colors to choose from. Match your wedding or party theme. Take some time to check all of our new beautiful colors, sizes, and shapes. It's wrinkle-resistant and lightweight to make it convenient everywhere you go. Made from high quality resilient fabric that won't fade or rip even after multiple washes.

  • We refer to a custom tablecloth as one that has been imprinted using one of several different printing methods. They are used to display messages, usually through imagery that conveys an individual or company message and brand. Custom table covers are used at trade shows, conventions, expos, job fairs, markets, schools, universities, events, and more. They will help market your brand and present people with information such as how to contact you right away in a professional and stylish way.
  • You will need a custom tablecloth to be noticed, received, and remembered. In a large crowd of people, you will stand out visually and attract peoples' attention with a custom printed table cover. When there are many people at an event, and it is almost impossible to speak to them all you will get your message or brand across. With messages printed onto the tablecloth such as; welcome, orientation, Sign Up Here, and the more you can give direction. With displayed logos and visuals, you can show off your products and how to use them. Lastly, you can tell people how to best contact you or your company by printing a phone number, website, or address onto the custom printed table cover. With a custom table cover you will surely be noticed, your message received, and you will be.
  • The straightforward answer to the question, ‘what size table cover do I need?’ depends on what size table you will be using. You will need to know the width, length, and height of your table for the table cover to fit and to display the imprint on the front panel properly. If you are not in possession of the table and do not know the size, you may need to contact the venue where the event is being held. After that, you can eventually look at our sizes that can eventually fit on your table.
  • We suggest you order the 6-foot Throw Style table cover. This is a versatile, flat cloth that will hang to the floor on all four sides of a 6-foot table. It also will reach the floor in the front and back when draped across an 8-foot table, leaving a 12-inch shortage on each end.
  • Each table cover is made of 100% polyester material for a sleek, professional look.
  • Our table covers are made of polyester, which is a wrinkle-resistant fabric but is not wrinkle-free. We recommend table covers be rolled up, not folded when stored to achieve the least amount of wrinkles. Each table cover can easily be steamed or ironed on low heat to eliminate wrinkles.
  • You have the option of selecting a zipper option on the back of each cover in our step by step process below.
  • Our table covers can be machine washed separately in cold water on the gentle cycle. If you desire to use bleach, use non-chlorine bleach. They can be placed in the dryer; tumble dry on low. Do not dry clean as the process may remove the ink. You also can iron them, if necessary, on low heat or use steam to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Polyester fabric.
  • Yes, vector art can be altered in shape and in color.
  • It covers all four sides of a table plus the top.
  • We can make throw covers for any shaped table.
  • Basically table skirts cover the perimeter of a table and attach with clips, hook and loop or staples. They usually are pleated like drapes.
  • A fitted set is a table skirt and table topper that is sewn together to fit a specific sized table.
  • Flat panel fitted sets do not have pleats. The front, sides and back are flat. This is usually done so that there is a flat area to print.
  • Just like the other table cover products, fitted sets can be printed.
  • Yes! Otherwise, your fitted set will not fit on your table correctly.
  • Table runners are table covers that only cover the center and front of a table. They are sort of like a banner for your table. Runners may be narrow or the full width of a table depending on the runner/table size.
  • Just like the other table cover products, fitted sets can be printed.
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